Top Tools Under Rs 500

A Gadget is made so as to make the life of humans a little easier in doing everyday task. So in this article, we have picked up some of these gadgets which will help you and wouldn't be a burden on your pocket.

It is an 18 in 1  Multi-functional Gadget that can perform a number of operations. It can be used as a bottle opener, Cell phone stand, Can opener, Screwdriver, Eyeglass Screwdriver, and other tasks. It is the size of your regular debit card and can be easily fit into your pocket. This tool is easy to carry around because of its size.

Card Style Survival Tool Kit

Car Back Seat Organizer
This product helps you to organize your car. It comes with 6 pockets in which you can place your bottles along with pockets to keep your phone. The product comes handy when you are traveling with small kids as they have essential stuff to carry along with them and they might be needed frequently. The back side of the seats is being utilized to their full potential with this seat organizer.

Car Back Seat Organizer

If you to want to label your valuable things then this product comes handy in doing so. You can engrave on any surface you want. You can write your name or any initials on a product which you feel that there are chances of replacing it someone else product. It is good to have your name like on your kid's lunch or geometry box.One can write their initials on products to differentiate it from the other person's product. The product is handy to use also because of its pen-like design.

Engraving Pen

The child safety anti lost wrist link harness strap rope leash walking hand belt is a tool which is useful when going for a walk with your children without fearing the child is lost. The strap comes with a soft cushion which won't hurt the wrist of either of you and your child. The wire can be stretched up to 1 meter long and is available in a different color to choose from.

Wrist Link Harness Strap

High Tech Cleaning Compound
This product is like a gel which can clean spaces even between the keys on your keyboard as this gel takes up the shape of the product which you want to clean. It comes in handy just press the gel and the dirt is removed. As suggested by the seller that there is no need to clean the material as it worn out when it will become dark in color. It provides more flexibility than the normal cloth or brush which is used to clean the keyboard or mobile phone as it can be directly clean between small gaps of the keys. The product is also fun to use.

High Tech Cleaning Compound

We hope you like our list of "Top Tools Under Rs 500" and they come in handy if you are planning to buy some of the products above mentioned.